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Whew! What a weekend! I just got back late last night and I am filled to the brim with lovin’.
Friday night Charlie and I packed up my car and headed to CT for the night.

photo 1-6

Isn’t my parents’ backyard dreamy? Charlie and I spent a couple hours outside on Friday afternoon; me doing a little work / a little nothing, him galavanting through the woods and chasing birds.

photo 2-6


After a relaxing afternoon, I headed to my sister and brother in law’s house to hang with my nephews and have pizza and beer. This is Alex, the most Irish baby on the planet. I got to put Alex’s older brother, Owen, to sleep that night, and as we sat in the rocker, I felt my heart almost bursting. I swear, being an Aunt is the best feeling in the world.

photo 3-2


Saturday morning started bright and early. I decided to take a selfie in this gas station bathroom in New York. Very typical behavior. My good friends and neighbors, Stephanie and Patrick, decided to have their wedding a Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz. The drive was spectacular, but the venue…

photo 5-2

The venue is so exceptional. Nestled in Mohonk Preserve, the house is really a resort – all meals are included as well as most activities; hiking, canoeing, yoga, horseback riding, the list goes on. It’s the perfect backdrop for a wedding, and I had a total blast assisting my friends in their special day. Their family and friends were the most fun loving group of people, it didn’t feel like work to me at all. More snaps of the day are on my Instagram account :).


Yesterday, I headed home early (I stayed at the cutest hostel in New Paltz, I recommend it for an inexpensive, comfy stay!) to get back to Charlie and spend the day with my nephews. After dinner we rushed home to be with Raven, who we missed desperately. Needless to say, the weekend was a total success, as is evidenced by my enormous cup of coffee this morning. Bring on the week!



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