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What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a delicious cocktail recipe?

If you’ve been reading LRW for a bit, you know how passionate I am about gin. Some people say it tastes like Christmas trees, but I love it so. Growing up, my mom and her best friend would always make g&t’s after a day at the beach. They would look at each other from their beach chairs and say: “The limes are calling!” That was their signal, and a good gin and tonic is pretty much the only cocktail my mom drinks. So, perhaps my love of gin is genetic.

It’s really not a hard drink to make, but I wanted to share my recipe just in case. First of all, Barr Hill gin is the most delicious gin I’ve ever tasted. A bartender down the road at The Sparrow made me a cocktail with it last summer and I’ve been obsessed ever since; I only recently found it at the liquor store (thank you, Astoria!). Barr Hill is made with raw honey in Vermont…need I say more?

I make my G&T’s with lemon, not lime. I don’t know how I got started on this, but it’s delicious. Won’t you give it a try?

Allie’s G&T

1-2oz Barr Hill Gin

4 oz Tonic

2 slices lemon

Chilled cup of ice

Fill a fancy glass 3/4 of the way with ice. Drop in 1 slice of lemon. Pour 2-3 fingers worth of Barr Hill Gin over lemon and ice (adjust amount of gin depending on how good/bad your day was). Fill the remainder of the glass with Tonic (any will do). Squeeze 2nd lemon over the drink, drop in, and enjoy on the couch / on the lawn / on the porch / at the beach / by the fire.


Happy Friday!


all images are my own.

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6 years ago

Sounds TASTY!!