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Confession/humblebrag: I don’t wash my hair very much. I started going grey at TWENTY FOUR and have been dying my hair every 6-8 weeks since then. Kind of crazy right?

Needless to say, I have to make my do’ last. The longer I go between washes, the bigger chance my color has of fading. I’ve got what I believe is a great system if you’re in a similar situation (or are trying to make that awesome blowout last):

1. First things first. If you’re currently washing your hair every day, your scalp is going to freak out a little bit once you go a day without shampoo. I suggest starting your hair cleanse on a vacation or beach weekend, where messy hair doesn’t matter. See if you can start washing every other day, then eventually every two days. The oils in your hair will adjust to the new schedule (thanks, oils!).

2. Don’t be afraid to get a little wet. For showers, I used to use a shower cap, but I’m lazy and now just put my hair in a high bun. It’s not a perfect system, the back of my hair gets a little wet, but I prefer it. If you have bangs, sweep them to the side and hold in place with a bobby pin. If they’re really oily, wash those babies and those babies only.

3. A brush is your best friend. After the shower, brush out your hair to distribute the oils. I like to massage mine as well, just really quickly. This is apparently the brush to own for such a task. After brushing, I usually hit my hair with some quick heat. Use the hairdryer to dry any strands that got wet in the shower and give your do’ a little refresh.

IMG_00754. Dry. Shampoo. Please oh please get some amazing dry shampoo. I searched for years, tried all the fancy stuff (Klorane, Oscar Blandi) and always came back around to Johnson’s Baby Powder…until this. Amika’s dry shampoo is the best smelling product and it works wonders on my greasy locks. Spray all over, concentrating on the most oily sections. Wait 2 minutes, then massage/finger comb or brush through.

5. Get creative. Once you’ve done the above, style as you would or try something different. For a curly blowout, I add a few extra curls for body. A milkmaid braid is also a favorite and perfect for summer. I also love a ponytail with a bandana/scarf when you’re nearing your next wash.

Pretty easy, right? What do you guys think? Would you try not washing your hair?


all images are my own.

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