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Friends, I made it! 30 days, no shopping.  Call me frivolous, call me ridiculous, I accept those perspectives.

I’d love to say that this was so hard for me to do, but really? It wasn’t. It was great.

I’m not good at challenges and I stink at delayed gratification. Somehow, throughout this challenge, my resolve never faltered. Sure, there were a couple days where I saw a really good sale pop into my inbox and I’d feel a little bummed (or super bummed, either one), but over the 30 days, I began to develop a nice little inner monologue. “There will always be sales,” I told myself. I don’t think I’ve ever uttered that phrase before, ’cause mama loves a deal.

There’s something so special about waiting and saving for something you want. This month, my big purchases are not clothes, but things that will help me with this little site I’ve created: a camera, new photos, a new logo, etc. I have the resources to make that investment because I didn’t spend money needlessly on anything last month.


The best part were the things I did instead of spending money shopping. I cleaned my apartment, I hugged Raven, I took Charlie to the dog park, I repurposed old jeans and dug a little deeper into my closet, I surprised Raven with brunch and fancy coffee, I called my friend in North Carolina. Oh, and I started (and finished!) Orange Is the New Black.

It was a successful 30 days, folks, and I encourage you to try it. If you take on the challenge (even for a week), drop me a line here or here.

Happy Monday!


concept from Design Darling, top photo via Pinterest, bottom photo my own.

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