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This photo is just what I needed today. Potential, courage, reckless abandon, or you know, she just really needed to get somewhere and it was pouring. Regardless, it’s speaking to me.

Today is my last day at my job. I am so ready to move forward; this little blog has completely opened my eyes as to what I feel truly passionate about. I’ve had to struggle with the realization that I’ll never be a corporate, 9-5 girl, and it’s really freeing. I feel settled in my decision and on the cusp of something big.

What does this mean for LRW? Longer / better posts, a new site, a new logo, new pictures (a new camera!), the works. I’m going full throttle on this one, and I really hope you stick around.

See you Monday, lovers 🙂


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Courtney Romano
6 years ago

Full throttle = universe moving to help you stomp on the gas. LOVE!