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Something I may never have told you guys…I’m obsessed with weddings. I’ve been wanting to walk down the aisle since I figured out how to put on my Mom’s high heels (I was in diapers…).  So when I saw this picture of the week, I knew I had to share.

I love the core of this picture: a circle of loved ones surrounding the bride and groom – who are on a bed of flower petals! They’re standing in arguably one of the most beautiful forests in the world, with floral crowns. And check out their family and friends…that girl in the suit to the right? Killing it. Possibly the best dressed wedding attendee ever.

While I don’t picture this wedding as my style, this photo is so special and beautiful.

Have a fantastic Friday, friends.


via Ruffled Blog.

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6 years ago

Oh my god I’m obsessed with this.