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The other week, Raven and I planned a special date night out. We met up at landmarc, ordered beers and steak (for Raven) and treated ourselves to a fancy dinner. It was a pretty awesome night; we had great conversation and left the restaurant feeling full and giddy.

While outside in the taxi line – and I’ll spare you the details – I got into a squabble with a lady who cut us for a cab. I was, admittedly, tipsy, and I let a few swear words fly. Not my best moment. At one point, the woman with whom the exchange occurred asked me why I needed a cab anyway.

“You look like you could use a walk, your thighs are fat.”

Game, set, match. That was the end of that; Raven and I walked away and found a cab somewhere else. The exchange wrecked me. For days, I felt horrible about the incident (how could I let my anger get the best of me? why are women always fighting with each other?). What’s worse, I believed what she said about me. I looked in the mirror and saw exactly what she was talking about.

It’s fascinating; I have felt more comfortable with my body as a 29 year old than I have ever in my life, and I let a stranger’s words completely demolish any personal progress I’ve made (years worth, in a matter of seconds).

I found this article today in the New York Times, about summer camps that institute a “no body talk” rule. Good or bad, campers aren’t allowed to comment on a someone else’s physical appearance.

Reading this article made me feel relieved. Can you imagine getting dressed every day and knowing that you won’t have to listen to anyone’s opinions about your appearance? Even if someone says “I love your shirt,” you won’t have to wade through the emotional tug-of-war in your head, do they really mean it, should I return the compliment, etc.

Yes, there are downsides to “no body talk,” and I encourage you to read the article, and maybe think of your own (mine would be – it’s nice and important for everyone to hear that they’re beautiful), but for me, I’m ready to try it for a day. Or maybe a week. However long it takes me to forget about my thighs and start focusing more on my brain.

Tell me, friends…do you agree with the “no body talk” rule?


image via Pinterest (and totally made me tear up :).

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