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This past weekend, I had such a blast taking Blogshop, an online photoshop course. I am itching to show you all what I learned as soon as my schedule frees up a bit!

Throughout the duration of the class, I took detailed notes so I wouldn’t forget anything. I happened to be using an old notebook of mine from senior year of college, and while browsing my old Performance Studies and Directing notes, I noticed a couple of things:

1. My handwriting has gotten so sloppy over the years!

2. I was leaps and bounds a better writer then than I am now.

Removing my shame for a moment, I found this to be so interesting! Of course, I’m not learning on a regular basis (yes we learn new things every day, but we aren’t sitting in a classroom everyday), and we’re also not writing (I mean actual pen to paper writing) very often. Sure, I take notes when meeting with clients, but I don’t journal (I really should!) and when I think about it, I hardly ever write!

I found this article about handwriting very interesting. It’s fascinating┬áto think that our brains may be changing the less we pick up a pen and the more we use a computer. Makes me want to start submitting my blog entries by owl…


image via Pinterest (with a little Photoshop lovin’ from me!).

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