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30 days, no shopping. Sound silly to you? It’s very, very real for me.

I decided to challenge myself not to buy ANYTHING for the month of June, and here’s why. I’m not, nor have I ever been, a delayed gratification kind of gal. If you want something and it’s within your means to have it, then by all means make it happen! Right?

Sometimes. For me, shopping lately has just become something I do rather than a treat. Yes, I write a style blog and yes I want to show you guys awesome clothes…but that doesn’t mean I have to own all of the clothes. And to be honest, my bank account could use the month off as well.

So! A little break (got this idea from Design Darling) to recharge, get creative with what I already own, and spend time not being impulsive.

Already I fashioned myself a new pair of jeans from an old pair that I didn’t even remember I had. Already, I cleaned out my closet and have my eye on some pieces to clear away. And maybe at the end of he month I’ll have the money to buy something REALLY special for myself. Or…maybe I won’t want to.

What do you think of my no shopping challenge?


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becky nitka
becky nitka
6 years ago

Just the thought of not shopping makes me want to shop! But I have faith in you!