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Bathing suit season is upon us, which makes me want to take my bed sheet, fold it in half, cut a hole in the middle and wear it like an enormous muumuu.

Like most women, I have body issues. In my weird brain, I’m not skinny enough, pretty enough, young enough or tan enough to wear any kind of bathing suit out in public. Which is silly, because women are hot! Why can’t we just appreciate how awesome we are, you know? If you can answer that question reasonably, I’ll give you a million dollars.

Insecurity be damned, I will be heading to the beach this summer. I’ve got a very special girls weekend in 2 weeks and I love food too much to be dieting. The next best thing, in my mind, is finding a suit that makes me feel incredible. So!

Here are 5 flattering suits to try this summer:

1. Retro


This is kind of obvious, right? Well what if retro wasn’t just 50’s and 60’s pinup girl, but 80’s too? Sure, a suit like this is absolutely lovely on pretty much everyone. You show off your decollatage, you’ve got full booty coverage, the color looks right on every skin tone, but sometimes it’s nice to think out side the box, like this. I love it cuz it’s black but not boring. If you add some jean shorts and chucks, you’re pretty much ready to go out for the night!

2. Forever Splurge


I feel like almost every lady I know gets a new suit each season. I’ve always worn my suits into the ground; I find a flattering bathing suit and I stick with it for years. Of course, I’ve never spent this much on a bathing suit- but there’s something almost reassuring about a piece that never goes out of style. Also, the color, I mean come on!

3. Patterned


Do not discount how wonderful a great pattern can make you feel! This blue tie dyed number by J Crew is mix and match so you can choose the best style for you, which is awesome. And again, I love imagining this suit on a super tan lady like my sister in law, as well as a pale lady like myself.  Here’s another option.

4. Reimagined Fad

A couple years ago I was on the hunt for a great bathing suit for my trip to Puerto Rico with Raven. I came across the perfect suit for me, but it wasn’t available in the hot pink color I wanted, it was only available in leopard print. Normally leopard print bikinis make me think of Snooki and the Jersey Shore, but I decided that leopard print on my freckled skin might look awesome and retro. I was very pleased with the results.


Tarzan and Jane? Here’s a great leopard print one piece that would be super flattering, and I love imagining this suit  on someone with a preppy style. Paired with some high waisted shorts and Jack Roger sandals; again, maybe not the obvious choice, but so fun to reimagine.

5. When in doubt, Classic


If you’re feeling blah before a beach trip, go back to basics. White, black or navy, and a flattering silhouette for you (not what you love on someone else!).

That’s it! Tell me, what do you think? What suit will you wear this summer?


top image via Pinterest.


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