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Morning, friends! Welcome to our new digs! Court and I have been slowly but surely working ourselves up to a makeover for a couple months now, and it’s finally coming together! Still a few things to work out, but we’re on the way! Hope you like it…
If you live in New York, you got smacked in the face with full on summer this weekend. As always, I was grossly unprepared. I can’t tan, so I’m never as excited for summer as you guys. But if I was, say, really excited and really prepared…these are the things I would put in my closet and never. take. off. all summer long:

1. The Perfect Tee



If you haven’t invested in a comfy, looks good with everything tee, I highly suggest that be put on the docket this summer. In fall and winter, we have all this time to layer our outfit, so it’s okay to experiment a little more. In summer, especially in NY, the fewer articles of clothing, the better…so you gotta get it right. I’ve mentioned before that my favorite is this one by Alexander Wang, but you can’t go wrong with J. Crew, as well as Everlane. Bonus points for stripes.

2. Cutoffs

Please don’t go out and buy something like this. I mean, do, if you have the dough, but also just try something for me. Go to your closet now and find a pair of jeans that you never wear. Everyone has them, and I know you’ve been putting off getting rid of them. Check it out:




I brought these ripped capris to Spain in 2006 when I spent a summer abroad. That trip was not a good example of any sartorial prowess that I might possess. In any case, many Spanish people laughed at my pants (why would she cut holes in her pants on purpose…stupid American), and I tend to agree with them. I once wore these capris with Prada loafers…just…not a good look.

Here they are today:


I made these babies into cut offs years ago and I constantly get compliments. So get cuttin’, friends. By the way, I took this picture in line at Starbucks yesterday, but if you follow us on Instagram @littleredswell, there’s a better shot.

3. Birkenstocks


Growing up, my sister was in high school during the Birkenstock craze, when boys would wear them with white hats and tie dyed tees… and we used to make fun of them! Now, they’ve been all I could think about. I mentioned to someone I know that I wanted to purchase them, and the response was, “NO! They’re lesbian shoes!” So naturally I bought them, and have been wearing them on repeat (peat peat peat peat). YOU CAN’T PIGEON HOLE ME, NARROW MINDED BIRKENSTOCK HATER! I got mine from ASOS for $93, (DSW has them for $89 but they were sold out in my size), and here are a few other covetable styles: one, two, three.

So, what do you guys think? What’s your summer go-to outfit?


all photos are my own.

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