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The other day someone asked me what I liked most about myself physically…and it took me a while to answer (I finally came up with “my freckles”). It’s no secret that everyone has some insecurities, but I thought it was a little sad almost that I didn’t have a nice laundry list of what I like about myself (as RuPaul says, If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?).
In an effort to grow some balls in the self love department, I’m participating in my dear friend Jenn’s bare beauty project.

The challenge is at once simple and impossibly hard: post a picture of yourself, makeup free, with the hashtag #thebarebeautyproject. The idea is to appreciate the beauty of yourself and other women, without makeup (or any add ons :).

I thank Jenn for starting this incredible project and I’m proud to show my naked face here on the blog:



Happy Friday, friends!

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