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I have tried to operate my adult life by the mantra: If it scares you, then you should probably do it. There is an instinctive part of me that knows growth necessitates starting before you’re ready, giving yourself permission to play big, and swimming in discomfort for awhile. I know that if I want to do bigger and better things with the time I’m given, I have to get fully exposed and authentic in front of you. But still, there’s that voice that says, maybe next time, slow down, hold off, wait and see, let them ask you first.

frResistance. I know I’ve mentioned this in more than one blog post; it’s a cornerstone of most of Allie and my conversations; it just keeps coming back for more. And here’s the reason: when you are on the verge of doing some really incredible stuff – Resistance gets all pouty and up in your face. When you start talking yourself out of it, having second thoughts, listing all the reasons it would never work, you can be certain you’ve gotten cosmic orders to proceed.

And truthfully, sometimes it is really hard to figure out if you’re pursuing something for the achievement-based side of your brain, or for the truly passionate side of your brain. But for me, I know Resistance when I meet her and so I do the only thing that has ever kept that b!+@# at bay: I put my butt in the chair, or in the audition room, or in the studio. I just get to work. Then this great thing happens… I feel good.

In my opinion, if you do the thing, feel good, and encounter Resistance, that is a recipe for must pursue. Getting clear on feeling good is key because when we resist things that don’t actually make us feel good, that’s our true nature calling out to us in the form of instinct. And trust me, there are plenty of things we should be resisting. But if you get your butt in the chair and the act of doing, uncomfortable though it may be at first, eventually makes you feel like you breathe a little easier, you can be sure you’re in the right spot. You can also be sure that you’ll meet Resistance again. But this you can use. You can allow Resistance to be the trigger for your creative mind to say, let’s do this. It’s go time.

When you look Resistance square in the eye and face the beast…

No one cares about my opinion turns into I could help.

I am nowhere near qualified turns into I’ll figure it out as I go.

Everyone will laugh at me turns into how can I get my creation to serve others?

She knows how to do this so much better than me turns into I’m inspired by her.

He’s already done what I’m doing turns into let me riff on that.

Your work becomes easy. Not necessarily simple, but light, easy to handle, charged with the effortlessness that comes from pure joy.  It is bigger and better for it. And guess what else? So are you.

What do you resist doing or creating the most?

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