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Allow me one, mushy, overly-indulgent moment to celebrate my main squeeze’s birthday. He turns another year older on Sunday, and ’round here at LRW, we like festive declarations of love. So here are the things Craig’s life has taught me (so far):
The harder you work, the harder you play. This guy works his butt off, but knows when to put it down. He knows when to energize, when to relax, when to stop and breathe.

Logic is beautiful. I operate from feelings and Craig operates from facts. I used to think facts were shallow little buggers, unable to communicate the expansiveness of the human spirit. But Craig flips that on its head and shows me that there is liberation in borders, that parameters get you more specific, your thoughts sharper, and your communication more direct.

Everyone deserves more compassion. Even people I think he should rightfully loathe, he finds love for them. He doesn’t even have to dig deep, it’s right there, easily dispensable. You might think he’s just being charming, because he is just so charming, but that’s Grade-A compassion.

Family is always worth the cost it takes to get there. Craig is willing to emotionally and financially go out on a limb time and time again to connect with the people who love him the most. He is effortlessly loving, affirming, forgiving, and cherishing his family. It’s brilliant to see.

You can be sensitive, you just can’t stop creating. He got me to stop reading reviews. And that, my friends, is LOVE.

Yes is an adventure. Craig believes in Yes, and… in more than improv. It makes him an amazing actor, but it also makes him a human being who will never settle. He has taught me how to make recklessly vibrant choices in the name of presence.


Cranson, thanks for your you-ness. I love you to infinity and beyond.

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