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THIS WEATHER! This weather makes me feel all sorts of good. It makes me want to drink a gin and tonic on my roof while watching the sunset.
In terms of my makeup routine, I don’t normally adhere to the rule that one should wear dark colors in the winter and bright colors in the spring. But I have to admit, it feels GREAT to be colorful in this weather.

Here’s the makeup I’m loving lately:



Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara: I don’t wear eyeliner, so I like to apply mascara like  I’m Liza Minelli in Cabaret.

tumblr_lzuox4kUw11qj515ro1_500But I think she looks awesome, so I’m into it. This mascara is hands down the best I’ve ever tried (think thick, long, almost fake looking lashes) and it’s made by my new favorite, cruelty free brand, Tarte.

s1290964-main-heroBobbi Brown Warm Taupe Eyeshadow: I’ve been wearing this for a few months, and I love how subtle it is, and wearing it completely brightens my face. It’s perfect for days at work, spring nights at Blockheads and soon to be nights at the beach.

s221382-main-heroNars Mata Hari Blush: Another great transitional item. Perfect for sun kissed cheeks in the summer (as well as uber pale cheeks in the winter). I apply the blush directly onto the apples of my cheeks, as opposed to making a fish face and swiping up the brush – I read it looks more natural and in my humble opinion I think it does!

party-proofnearlynudeModel Co Party Proof Lipstick in Nearly Nude: A couple years ago, I wore red lipstick almost every day. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a red lip, but when I received this color in my Birchbox, I was hooked. My mom told me that in the 60’s her and her friends used to put powder on their lips to make them pale. As a nod to that era,I love the idea of pairing this lip color’s super sexy matte finish with a gauzy dress come summer.



Chanel Blue Satin Nail Color: This might be my favorite nail color ever. It looks so good with EVERYTHING! Far away it looks black, but up close it’s shimmery and unexpected. Wore it all winter, and don’t plan on stopping now!

If you’re not into dark nail color, here are a couple options I’m enjoying for the warmer weather:



Orange Fizz.




Do tell, what is your warm weather palatte looking like?

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