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You know those friends who just keep you accountable? At your best? At your truest you? The ones who see you as the funniest, kindest, brightest you that you are? Those are the friendships to cultivate. And in my opinion, there is truly no better way to grow those relationships than this: get into motion. (You thought I was going to say Re-Tweet everything they post, right?)

No, I’m talking about actual, physical, real life moving. Working out. Getting fit. Trying something new. Whenever I have worked out with a friend, it has always solidified and amplified our connection. Plus there are some workouts that are just BETTER when we’re together.

So scroll through your Facebook News Feed, find that one friendship you’d like to strengthen, and get sweating:

Running: Yes it’s a classic, and here’s why: it’s basic. No skill set required. One foot in front of the other. You can talk, you can sing, you can swear at each other when you feel like your legs are giving out. Here’s my favorite way to do it: Pick a brunch spot. Run to it. Craig and I did this in Astoria and ran to Family Corner Restaurant to try their famous Sweet Potato Pancakes. If you haven’t tried this delightful Astoria diner, you should lace up those running shoes NOW, grab some cash, and head out the door. Don’t forget your Metrocard if you don’t feel like running home after pancakes and eggs. brunch.jpg

Group Fitness: Listen, I understand that I’m completely biased seeing as that I am a trainer at The Bari Studio, but let me tell you why I love working out in group classes with my friends. Every hour is an EVENT. Whether you’re at Bari, or Cyc Fitness, or Physique 57, you are taking 60 minutes to go through it with your bestie. Remember the times in college when you and your BFF would get into trouble somehow (cough…Kara…Maingate…cough) and it would be one of those long nights when legends are born? For our post-22 year old selves, that’s the equivalent of taking a high intensity, physically demanding, soul churning group class! But with healthier benefits. Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but try it one time and you’ll see, group classes are a blast when you’re with a bud.


Bikram Yoga: When there is a lot you need to know about a new form of exercise, the buddy system never disappoints. When I first tried Bikram Yoga, I knew that I was flexible, but I didn’t know how my body would respond to the heat, if I would be hydrated well enough, what to eat ahead of time, what to wear, not to mention what poses we’d be doing and classroom etiquette. (Who’s got two thumbs and doesn’t like surprises? This guy.) My friend Abbe was sweet enough to tell me everything I needed to know ahead of time from what to eat pre-namaste to bringing a plastic bag and change of clothes for after the sweat sesh. I felt so prepared so all I had to concentrate on was not fainting. It was awesome.


Interval Workouts: Okay dear ones, if high intensity isn’t for you and your #brosforlife – here’s a workout you can do while watching a movie, or game, or binging on House of Cards. Intervals of any kinds. My favorite are planks because they elevate your heart rate as you, in essence, remain still (aka you can do this in an average NYC apartment). Give yourself the commercial break or the duration of this song and get on the floor with your friend.

Photo by Craig Hanson Photography

Plank Interval: 1 minute forearm plank, 1 minute side plank, 1 minute supine plank, 1 minute side plank, 30 seconds mountain climbers, 30 seconds plank. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your plank and to avoid injury make sure you: don’t lock out your elbows, squeeze your butt and inner thighs, keep your neck in line with your spine and vision on the diagonal in front of you, breathe. That last one is the trickiest, especially at the 4:30 mark.

What are your favorite workouts to do with a pal?

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