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Is there any better feeling than a million memories (or a single memory that’s better than all the others) rushing back when you’re transported through music? During our last LRW meeting, we slipped into a tangent about hearing songs that changed our lives. How you can listen to those songs on repeat and never get sick of them. We thought we would share them here:

898851bfff8f5e427b1d27ae585e889e1. Back to Black, Amy Winehouse: If Allie had to pick her top 3 favorite artists of all time, Amy is one of them. She will never forget the first time she heard Rehab, when she was in college. This album and this song in particular remind Allie of the transition from college to the “real world.”





2. Sadie, Joanna Newsom: Allie’s best friend Gill put this song on a mix for her 479d7cce730c5fa97693f15296f6248esenior year of college. A little background- Allie’s family pet growing up was a golden retriever named Sadie. When Gill handed her the CD, she told Allie to listen to the lyrics of this song. “I think it’s about a dog,” she said. When Allie’s family had to put Sadie down, she listened to this song on repeat for weeks.  To this day, whenever she needs a good cry, it’s her go to.



af7eeb31da240cf9c51f2981fafdd1103. Flume, Bon Iver: Ohhhh man, this song. The very first time Raven and Allie had a sleepover, she went to his apartment (mid August 2010) and he made her dinner (vegetable risotto and a salad with candied walnuts, pears and gorgonzola). A few days before, he told her that he thought she would really enjoy this band, so he put on the CD while cooking dinner. That’s the moment  she fell in love with him- listening to the first song of this album, as the sun was setting, in his kitchen in Williamsburg.

4. Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell: She was eighteen years old when Court heardjoni this iconic song for the first time. First semester at college. A changing landscape of friendships and relationships. A new identity. This song was instructions to the adult life.  You’re going to believe one thing and, sooner or later, the world will turn you on your head. It stayed on repeat for most of the semester.

blackbird5. BlackbirdThe Beatles: Everyone has that one song that they identify with moving to New York. Court’s was Blackbird, again a classic that she had no business not discovering until her 20s. If Both Sides Now was her growing up song, Blackbird was her growing into song. It’s melancholy, hopeful, earnest, delicate. And those chord changes. Ouch. Court heard this song at a time when the lyrics take these broken wings and learn to fly meant figuring it out, being exposed, making a break for her dreams. It is an anthem. 

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