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I had planned all week to write a serious, introspective post for you all.  But friends, it’s Friday! And we ain’t goin’ out like that.
Especially because today all SORTS of interwebs goodness smacked me straight across my freckled mug.

Stuff like this:



I always stop to look at photos of Jessica Biel for two reasons:

1. She stole my husband (I can’t talk about it).

2.  Her hair!  On another level these past couple years.

The third reason I had to take another look at this picture is that plaid dress.  Actually, I’m down with her whole outfit (talk about add ons!). And since we’re not all millionaires like Mrs. Timberlake, you’ll be happy to know that this dress is transitional. Today (in the frigid climes) I’d wear it with booties, black tights, and this coat:



This summer, when it’s 90, I’ll wear it with espadrilles and my hair like this:



You get the idea.

By the way, I saw this picture on one of my favorite websites ever, Who What Wear. Check it out.

Yes, here at LRW we are coming around to the idea of warmer weather.

Do tell, are you looking forward to spring and summer?


images via Who What Wear and Pinterest.

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