Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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If you could look in my closet right now, you’d learn a lot about me.

Okay fine, I’ll show you:

This is what happens when you don’t make decisions, Wellers. And what happens when you reward yourself AND console yourself by buying clothing. And what happens when you live with someone else who may not want to look at how much you love clothing. Thankfully, I know I always have Allie on hand to help a sister out, but I digress…

There is something alluring about Spring Cleaning, not just because we finally get rid of those winter dust bunnies, but because we gain something: space. In New York City, space is a commodity seemingly reserved for those who don’t ride the subway, or those who don’t live in one bedroom apartments, or those far, far away in the distant lands of the outer boroughs. (Astoria counts as the Upper East Side, right?)

So maybe, physically, space is a luxury. But, mentally, it is for the masses.

Sometimes getting space means getting perspective. Getting a good look at something. Getting all the facts first.

Sometimes having space means having a voice. Trusting your intuition. Fueling your fire.

Sometimes finding space means desaturating your News Feed. Keeping only the people and things in your life that allow you to breathe easier.

Sometimes being spacious means connecting with others who need you, or don’t know they need you. Seeing beyond your limitations and sharing a vision to help others. Not dumbing yourself down, shutting yourself up, or keeping yourself safe.

Sometimes giving space to another means seeing them authentically. Ducking out of the way. Letting them hear their own words. Trusting in them.

So maybe mental space is luxurious. But you already have the currency to buy it.

clear or cultivate.jpg

When do you need space the most? The least? How do you find it?

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