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It’s official! We’re a week into From Scratch for 50 Days: A Creativity Challenge, and it has been inspiring to say the least. We’ve Instagrammed, we’ve tweeted, we’ve liked and loved and commented. 7 days in and you guys are crushing it.

This challenge has me thinking a little differently about every day.  Noticing things I wouldn’t normally notice (New York City is so wonderfully peculiar if you really open your eyes), and feeling that itch of creativity when I would normally be reaching for my phone.


Thank you all to those who have participated thus far.  Since we’re not fans of hard and fast rules, if you haven’t tried the challenge yet but want to…well, there’s still 43 days to make beautiful things (or rough, random, messy things)!

And guess what? We’re rewarding you all for getting involved. That’s right…we’ve got 5, count ’em, FIVE prizes to give away to the most committed participants in #scratchfor50.


For the third place prize, we’re giving away THREE handmade initial bracelets to three lucky participants.

For the second place prize, we’re giving away a feature here on little red’s well. It’s only fair that our readers learn all about you! Nowadays, everyone needs a platform – and we want to give it to you.

The Grand Prize! A FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE to one of our favorite stores…Nordstrom!  50 days, 50 dollars. Make it rain!


Yup. This just got real. It’s on, friends. 43 days and counting…show us what you got.

What would you create if you knew you couldn’t fail?


all images via Pinterest, gif via PopSugar.

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