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In our From Scratch for 50 Days: A Creativity Challenge, we are challenging you to do something creative and share it with us every day for 50 days. To get you all sorts of pumped up and inspired, we’re bringing you fellow creators’ words of wisdom. Read, enjoy, and get creating, Wellers.
Our next words of wisdom come from Kennedy. He has been my best friend since college, and truly, when I think of creativity, I think of him.  He is constantly doing and making; whether it’s writing, singing, or telling a story, his energy is infectious and the product is always great.  Kennedy is an incredibly accomplished actor, singer, and dancer here in NYC, and I think you’ll like what he has to say:

What is creativity?

I think creativity is that warm, tingly sensation that covers your
body and gives you the urge to make something new, and instill a piece
of yourself in that creation.
When do you feel the most creative?  

I tend to feel more creative at night, but honestly I feel like
creativity is contagious; whenever I see an example of creativity in
the world, I catch the bug. I just want to sit down and MAKE

Do you consider creativity a necessity or a bonus?

Both. When you choose to make creativity a necessary and central focus
in your life, it’s always a bonus.


photo via Billy Goffi.

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