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In honor of From Scratch for 50 days: A Creativity Challenge, I wanted to talk about my 5 favorite ways to get creative with my outfit.  The word creativity can be kind of intimidating, but our challenge isn’t to become the next Shakespeare, write an entire album or take up ballet in 50 days (though I’d like to pick your brain if you are doing that).  Our challenge is to start something new, find something out about yourself, or just get a little perspective each day.  So let’s take something as simple as the shirt on our back and make it new…
1. Try new combinations of your favorite pieces. 

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut- maybe it’s the week I’m having, maybe I’m just a little lazy, but I occasionally find myself wearing the exact same pant and shirt combos over and over and over. Forget the people who have to look at me- I’M bored!  I always feel a little more awake and a little more creative when I find a “new” outfit in my existing wardrobe.  Maybe it’s just a different button-down with the same pair of pants I wore last week, but if I’ve never tried it, it’s new!  Need a little inspiration?  Here’s my take on one shirt, three ways.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

If I have fashion writer’s block, I open up my jewelry box and look through everything.  Or I try on four different pairs of shoes.  Or I just throw on a belt.  Whatever you’re wearing, it always becomes next level when you add a great accessory (or as I like to call them…add on’s).  Here, here, and here are a couple I’m coveting right now.

3. Layer.


Oh this is just the BEST and so easy it’s almost cheating.  As I’ve talked about time and time again, I love nothing more than throwing on a vest, sweater, or blazer to finish my look.  The same black dress looks completely different with a jean jacket, cardigan, or faux fur vest.

4. A little lipstick never hurt anyone.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn my go-to outfit and just slapped on some lipstick to make it a little different.  Talk about fashion on a budget!

5. When in doubt: black. 


Classic, flattering on everyone, looks good with every aforementioned suggestion.

What are you doing lately to get creative with your outfit? Show us!  Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @littleredswell #scratchfor50.


all images via Pinterest.

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