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In our From Scratch for 50 Days: A Creativity Challenge, we are challenging you to do something creative and share it with us every day for 50 days. To get you all sorts of pumped up and inspired, we’re bringing you fellow creators’ words of wisdom. Read, enjoy, and get creating, Wellers.
Our first words of wisdom come from Ashley: actor, writer, director, singer, dancer, all-around fearlessly creative woman of the world:

What is creativity?

Creativity is a unique driving energy. It is a journey for the artistic soul. 

When do you feel the most creative? 

I feel most creative when a choice, action, or inner feeling comes alive and surprises me.

Is creativity a necessity or a bonus? 

Creativity is to be nurtured and appreciated, the more it is appreciated the more it becomes a necessity for the mind rather than added bonus.

We start February 19th. You in?
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