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Starting from scratch. Oh Lawdy, how we love etymology and we looked this one up.

To start from scratch means: Begin (again) from the beginning, embark on something without any preparation or advantage. The phrase originated in 18th century sports when marks (scratches) were made on the ground and used to define the starting position of the game.

That turn of phrase elicits a peculiar combination of ideas. All of a sudden we’re thinking failure, rebirth, discipline, determination, impossibilities, and potential. In just three words no less.

Think about it. You have had countless conversations with friends where the idea of starting from scratch – in a new job, a new relationship, a new apartment, a new city – just seems less than ideal. A struggle. An inconvenient waste of energy. And yet, time and again we still recognize that starting from scratch never becomes the energetic wasteland that we assume it will be. Starting from an absolute zero, without any advantage and riding on pure grit, holds more energetic potential than trodding along the beaten path.

As a culture, we value things more when they come from scratch. When we make something out of nothing. When it seems impossible and we do it anyway. When we start with no advantages and just go for our goal or our creation without reserving ourselves. For example: Cake. Better from scratch. New theatre. Better from scratch. Knit hats. Better from scratch.

What if starting from scratch wasn’t just something we only thought about when we got out of college? Or started a new job? Or moved to a new city? What if we released our dearly held perfection and our unacknowledged complacency? What if we started from scratch every day?

Unadulterated abandon.

Whimsical potential.

Free fall.

There is potential in every moment to create. Creation is not reserved for those with the advantages. The best, juiciest, most energetic creations come out of what the rest of the world might see as nothing. But you on the other hand, you see something. And no matter what that something shapes up to be, the fact that you saw it makes it your never-to-be-duplicated act of creation.

Here at Little Red’s Well, we know a thing or two about starting from scratch. This entire blog was built off of one conversation about clothing. Look around you, you know a thing or two about starting from scratch, too. Did you always live where you live? Were you always surrounded by the people you are surrounded by? Are you waking up every day and living the exact same life, or are you learning something new, meeting someone new, seeing something new each time the sun rises?

The answer is yep, you are. Sometimes, we’re just asleep to it. So in the spirit of creation being a deeply necessary color to our lives – we’re sending out a challenge to our readers and friends. A challenge we believe could change all of our lives for the better.

From Scratch for 50 Days: A Creativity Challenge

Starting on February 19th, you’ll start from scratch and create one new thing a day, documenting it via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for 50 straight days.


What this is NOT…

a competition to be the most creative.

a test to finally create something perfect.

a process open to judgment or criticism (from yourself or others).

What this IS…

a challenge to habituate the act of creation in your life.

a chance to find your own aesthetic.

an opportunity to affirm your and other’s work.

Creations (could) include (but are not limited to): food, friendships, photographs, a new outfit, energy, poetry, art, music, design, rearranging your apartment, a scarf, making your bed, a fit life, change, and the list goes on…

The point is: there are acts of creation everywhere and you are already participating in them. When we open our eyes to this, we can create with more intention. Do you have a project you can’t get started? Or a relationship you need to mend? Or a crockpot you’ve been meaning to figure out how to use? There are no limitations and no requirements. Anyone can do this.

And there are prizes. (More on that soon.)

To get started – simply create something. Post it via IG, FB, or Twitter. Mention us @littleredswell and use #scratchfor50 so we can see your participation. Each week we will be giving you some inspiration in the form of a hashtag that you can feel free to use or not and to see what other Wellers are creating that week.

We start February 19th. You in?

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