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Morning, friends!
I hope everyone had a good weekend…I know I did!  I got to meet my new buddy and nephew, Alex.  There was much snuggling and cooing.  Even Charlie loved his new baby smell, and generally just wanted to be around him…

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 7.37.56 AM


It was great to sit around with Alex and my family, particularly because we all got to enjoy the Olympics together.  Have you all been following along?  I know there is some major controversy surrounding Sochi, but the Olympics is such a magical time, so I’m into it.  (side note: have you seen this commercial?  amazing.)

I’d say my favorite moment of the weekend was watching the snowboarding slope style finals.  How adorable and humble is Sage Kotsenberg??

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I loved hearing that Sage called his brother 5 minutes before his run to get his opinion on trying out a brand new trick- one he had never attempted.  Pro athletes spend most of their lives perfecting their craft, but as is with any skill, sometimes instinct, passion and abandon make for the greatest performance.

A great article about Sage here.

How are you liking the games?  Did you see Sage’s performance??

images via here and here.

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