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Aaaand we’re back!
Just a little blogging respite to catch our proverbial breath.  And how inspiring was Court’s post yesterday?  It was exactly what I needed to read and gave me a little boost to get back into this blog.  I’m in!

A lot has been going on!  My nephew was born on Monday, and I cannot wait to meet him this weekend!  Aside from that…

A great brand you should check out.  I received their chapstick in a Birchbox, and I was instantly intrigued.  In my quest to weed out products that are tested on animals, I was in need of some makeup remover.  Their version is all natural, organic, and only has 3 ingredients (plus how cute is the packaging)!  If you are crafty you could make it yourself!

Reasonably priced, beautiful clothes.  I discovered this website on Pinterest, and I am loving all their inventory.  I ordered this.  Sweaters and plaid?  How novel.

YogaGlo.  In my January challenge, there were days where I simply didn’t feel like leaving the house to go to class.  This website has been awesome (and it’s affordable!) for sneaking in some sun salutations whenever the mood strikes.

Are you a list maker?  I totally am.  Sometimes when I’m reading my work emails in the morning, I write down notes before answering them, to highlight key points.  Kind of an extra step, but it works for me.  I love these planners; though I am not type A, there’s something about organization by date that just feels wonderful.





Hellooooo, gorgeous.  Happy Friday!!

Anything you’re loving and want to share?  I dare you to comment 🙂

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