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TGIF, friends!  I cannot wait for this weekend.  Tonight, Raven and I are having some much needed cocktails with friends.  Tomorrow, I am trying acupuncture for the first time (I’m scared!!!) before getting into trouble with my best friend Kennedy.  Sunday is a clean slate!  Sweet weekend, you look so good!

Here’s an interesting interview with Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar Best Supporting Actress Nominee (and SAG award winner!)  from the film 12 Years a Slave.  I wanted to include it here because she briefly talks about feeling like an imposter when she got the roll, and it reminded me of Court’s post about fear.

Are you all into the Oscar race?  For some reason this year I’m determined to see all the Best Picture Noms.  I think Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite so far, but the jury’s still out.

Do you have a favorite?  Please share!

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