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It’s Monday, I know, but let’s continue to reminisce on the weekend, and more importantly, beverages. (Golden Globes favorites coming soon/later)
I was fortunate enough to receive a “box o’ bar,” as I like to call it, from Raven for Christmas this year.  You read that right.  A large box full of bitters, Campari, St. Germain, sweet and dry vermouth, triple sec, a shaker, and some classy martini glasses.


Well.  That was a game changer my friends.  Friday night now feels like straight up Mad Men in this household.  Here are our favorite picks, if you’re looking to sip on something…


1. Negroni – for evenings you want to get saucy, have 2.  I like these because they feel like a ballsy drink (and I’m a cheap date, big time) but don’t taste like a ballsy drink.  Recipe here.


2. Tinto de Verano- a cocktail, if you could call it that, I enjoyed nightly when I studied abroad in Seville, Spain.  The ingredients are simple: lemon Fanta and red wine.  Pour over ice in the ratio of your liking and enjoy.  Drink it all night long, you won’t tire of it.


3. Aviation – I didn’t know this cocktail existed until a couple weeks ago when my classy, gorgeous friend Ryan whipped it up for me.  Little background on Ryan, he’s my best friend’s boyfriend and probably the nicest human being on the planet.  He has a penchant for remembering facts about people, like the fact that I love gin cocktails with lots of citrus.  Recipe here.


4. St. Germain & Champagne – easy enough!  And with my box o’ bar at my disposal, this is exactly what Raven and I did on New Year’s Eve.  It’s a nice departure from just a plain glass of champagne (not that champagne is plain…but if you’re feelin’ fancy).


5. Spicy Grapefruit Margarita via The Life Styled Blog – I know it’s still the dead of winter but this has to be on here.  Cara and I had a cooking dinner date last spring and made these and couldn’t get enough of them.  The cayenne adds the perfect bite to the marg, and somehow they still go down like water.  Delicioso.

What are your favorite cocktails?  Do tell!


images via Pinterest and The Life Styled Blog.


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