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Remember Claire’s?  For real, do you remember getting dropped off at the mall in your mom’s mini van and going to Limited Too, Victoria’s Secret (even before you had any business doing so) and then eventually the MECCA of accessories?

They had those earring sets; a pair of small hoops and then two pairs of studs, one tinier than the other, maybe even a rhinestone.  I remember staring at these like they were the key to coolness.  Of course they were…because if you were buying a set of earrings from Claire’s, that meant you were privileged enough to have a “second hole” or, the pinnacle of coolness…a “third hole.”
Oh man…Claire’s.  They even had a little piercing station there!  I remember countless trips with friends to get their second hole or (!!!!) their cartilage pierced.
My ability to get these piercings was dependent upon my grades, the cleanliness of my room, etc…and believe me, I’m going to clean my room and get GREAT grades at work because look what I found…



Catbird.  Stacks on stacks of rings, and little studs for my long forgotten second and third holes (minds out of the gutter, peeps…this is a nostalgic post).
Maya Brenner, too.  I’m fixing for some of her dainty letter jewelry.  I’m a much better necklace wearer than earring wearer, but I’d go for either here.




Feast your eyes on these, friends.  This is grownup, baller status Claire’s.

What’s in your jewelry box these days?


all images via Pinterest.

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