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It is Christmas Eve tomorrow and I feel like a lucky lady.  And boy do we have a treat for you today…
Shortly after Carolyn and I werked together, Courtney (different from LRW’s own Court) contacted me about a closet overhaul / wardrobe redo and I’m pretty sure I jumped up and down and kissed the computer.

Last Sunday Raven and I headed out in the snow to Courtney’s enormous apartment to document our discoveries…


As before, Courtney and I discussed what she wanted to accomplish.  Aside from getting rid of unworn clothes that take up much needed closet real estate, her main focus was to find pieces in her closet that can break up her work uniform.  Courtney is a dance instructor- on the go and almost always in workout / dance clothing.  While she loves a job where the uniform essentially demands comfort, she craves feeling a little more put together.


One of Courtney’s musts was being able to be fashionable without carrying an entire extra outfit with her everyday.  So we decided that layering was the best option.


Girlfriend has her lulu’s and sports bra under this outfit!  When I was taking inventory of her closet, I found a bunch of skirts and cute tops, all of which Courtney was surprised that I pulled for us to try.  In the end, she loved the ease of being able to throw something over her workout clothes and hop on the train, teach a class, then go out to dinner with her boyfriend.  Here’s a similar look:


Could she look any cuter?  Courtney also enjoyed how these outfits felt a little more grown up, to help fortify that teacher / student relationship.

A couple more tops and skirts that Courtney might enjoy (click for link):









Next up, an outfit for NYE / date night / somethin’ a lil’ sexy in general.  Courtney works out a lot and has a great figure and this…was not a difficult task.  I’m all for showing off your best assets while being comfortable, so this is what we came up with:


Favorite flattering jeans, a little sparkle, and a slinky shirt…another pick of mine that Courtney said she hadn’t worn in years.  If you’re like me, you’re wondering why, because hot damn:



Another good option for her:


Lastly, you know I had to throw some plaid in for good measure.



Courtney has the best jewelry and accessories ever.  I love this outfit and even though it’s very much what I would wear, Courtney seemed to genuinely love it.

A few final options for Courtney’s now roomy closet (we got rid of a ton):





I am so incredibly thankful to Courtney for asking me to help her.   I am now completely spoiled in this process, having had my first client (that is not one of my best friends) welcome me into her home, offer me wine and treats, and just generally be awesome.  Raven and I had a blast!



If you like what you see here and want to hire me, email me at!


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