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Snow My God.  There are very few things that could take the joy out of a good old fashioned snow storm for me. This weekend was no exception.

Days like Saturday make me want to escape to a little cabin in Vermont, where Charlie could run around the snowy yard at will, and Raven and I could hang by the wood-burning stove.


Alas, I did not escape, but I did venture out.  In New York, we need quite a few staples to survive the trekking and schlepping while dressed to the nines, without needing to bring a suitcase.

1. The greatest coat known to man: Really. A down or “puffy” coat can be found in every New Yorker’s apartment.  Mine kept me warm last eve when I was essentially wearing a tissue paper dress.  Word to the wise- they ain’t cheap, but you will be toas-tay.  Canada Goose coats come in colors and styles galore, are guaranteed for life, and I highly suggest waiting for a sale before purchasing.  Reasonably priced alternative here.  (Down is one of those things that, as a non-meat eater, I feel a little funny about wearing, so I would need to put in more research before purchasing a product like this again).


2. Do’ protectors: I saw Court wearing earmuffs like these recently, and she looked like the sweetest little snow bunny.  Do protect that hairdo, friend.

3. Heel Holder: In the midst of a snow storm, one cannot be expected to walk from point A to point B in fancy shoes.  So goodbye clutch, hello bright, roomy bag in which I may store my booties.


4. Stem Insulators : Just because it is snowing, does not mean I have to hang up my frock.  Nor does it mean I must suffer with bare legs like an NYU freshman.  These?  They’re basically just leggings with feet.


5. Travelin’ Boots that Still Look Good with Your Freakum Dress: I searched high and low for these sparklers a couple years ago, but I could not find them in my size for the price that I wanted (Sorel has great sales!).  I did find a simple black pair, however, during one of these aforementioned sales.  Good in rain and snow alike!

What are your NYC winter essentials?


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