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The holidays are spectacular and stressful. This is the time of the year when everything heightens just a little bit, both good and bad. When the more uncomfortable parts of the season start to bubble up, old fights reemerging with family, feeling scheduled to the point of frenzy, being financially stretched to the limit, it’s easy to forget what else is bubbling up, too. Moments of peace, serenity, gratitude, warmth. Here’s what Allie and Court are putting their attention on and intention towards this season:

Early morning snowfall.


Discovering David’s Tea – especially the Choconut. Drinking this makes skipping dessert a no brainer.

choconut oolong

Full and epic days of doing all the things you love.

Having such amazing friends that you all massively re-arrange your schedules to accommodate a long overdue dinner party.

When snowboots actually pull your whole outfit together.

Standing in your work without apology.

Noticing that moment things start to get better.

Creating new habits and seeing the payoff.

The smile and laugh of the person you love most in the world.


Tenderness from strangers.

Creating new traditions.

Plugging in your Christmas tree in a nearly dark apartment every morning.


Trying meditation for the first time, and loving it.


A new shade of red lipstick.

Heading to a girlfriend’s apartment for an evening of holiday movies, wine and oreo truffle-making.

An actual laugh out loud text with your good friend whom you adore.

A night at home to watch TV with your boyfriend and your dog.


Making eye contact with and smiling at every person you encounter (cashier at the supermarket, cab driver, mail person, barista).

Buying yourself a Christmas present, too.

Homemade soup.

Accepting a compliment (and believing it’s true).

What are some things that bring you peace and joy during this crazy time of year?
(And a very special Happy Birthday wish to Allie’s brother, Brendan.  Love you, Bren!)
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