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Growing up, it was a huge ordeal getting the family together to take picture in front of the tree for the annual Christmas card.  Usually there would be about 20 pictures of my brother making silly faces, and an equal amount of me crying.  And then there would inevitably be one gem that would make the holiday card.


Yup, that would be a NON gem, right there (or a TOTAL gem, depending how you look at it).  I’m on the far right and I wish I still had that sweater.

Anyway, my mom would slave over the cards, hand writing and addressing each one.  I always thought it was such a thoughtful gesture, that a couple years ago I started to do the same thing.

I like to make my cards, and this year I’m keeping it really simple.  I started with these cards I got from a craft store (maybe Michael’s?), and some glitter I got from the dollar store.


I just drew on my snowman body free-hand.  It’s gonna be wonky, but that’s what we like about it.  It’s homemade and it’s artistic and expressive.  Be free!


Lay down your free people catalogue so you don’t get your hardwood floor covered in glitter- that’s very important.  Sprinkle away!


Pick up your snowman, dust him off, and give him some arms.  I used pen.  Easy peasy.


When I was finished I felt like my men were missing something.  I decided on a little message, but one might decide to write a glittery “Merry Xmas” over their heads, or something like that.



What do you think of the little card project?  Yes? No?  Silly? Awesome?

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