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Monday, we meet again.  No matter, I’m smiling because yesterday it SNOWED and this weekend I did a lot of Christmas-y things (read: gift buying and tree trimming).  It is officially the holidays and needless to say, here at LRW we are thrilled.
Charlie and I went out for a walk in the snow last night, which got me thinking about what he would want for Christmas…that is, if he ever wanted anything other than a treat and a good snuggle.


pet gifts

1.  Charlie expects treats after a walk.  Nay, he demands them, and he knows exactly where they are kept. A cookie jar for his biscuits might throw him off the trail for a while.

2.  Again, I have shown that I am incapable of doing a gift guide that does not feature plaid.  But how OFFICIAL does that little pooch look?!

3.  Even dogs need accessories. Charlie is a minimalist and a realist; he prefers this brand for its simple aesthetic and lifetime guarantee, but every pooch needs a little bling now and then.

4.  Since our pups can’t enjoy Christmas cookies, I enjoy the idea of presenting Charlie with this on Christmas so he doesn’t feel left out.

5.  Every year around the holidays I make a donation to the ASPCA.  It makes my heart feel nice, and I think it would be a great gift for an animal lover who’s particularly hard to buy for.  Court and I are planning on doing post on holiday giving soon, so please keep coming back!


Hope you’ve enjoyed these gift guides!  Do you buy your pet a Christmas gift?

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