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We are back with another gift guide, my friends! This time, for the gentlemen in our lives.  Can I preface this list with a couple notes?
First of all, just because I have labeled these lists for a certain gender does not mean these lists cannot be enjoyed by err’body. In fact, I would enjoy most of the items on the list below, and I think we can agree that everything on the lady list was pretty gender neutral. Regardless, these are just words, not definitions. And I guess by saying that I am inviting a can of worms to be opened. Open away!

Secondly, I am fully aware that even though the holiday season on paper is about love, respect, joy, and family, more often than not in this country it is about consumerism.  For us at LRW, and I suspect all of you, there is no dollar amount that can be placed on the look upon someone’s face when they open a gift that they truly love. And if we -pun intended- unwrap that a little further, the moment is really about raw connection. You like a gift I gave you? Well then, you’re acknowledging that we’re connected. And doesn’t THAT feel nice.

By the way, that feeling can be achieved with conversation, a hug, coffee, a card or note, and if you’re like me, the act of purchasing something for someone you love is so much more for you than it is for them. And that is how I justify this.

On we go!

gift guide for guys

1. Slippers. Tell me gentlemen, do you wear slippers around the house?  I live in these, and Raven used to have some when we first started dating, but somehow they got lost in the move.  Guys, do not let your feet go cold!

2.  Okay, so the price on this blazer is ridiculous, but you get what I’m going for here, right?  I don’t know if guys realize just how dang attractive they look when they bring a pop of color into the mix.  This guy is more in line with my budget.

3.  If you’re scared of wearing your color, how about some color that you can put into your pocket?  This wallet is perfect for fashion risk takers and conservative dudes alike.

4.  Gents, do you all wear jewelry?  Raven wears one bracelet and one only, so I have to get it right.  This is the perfect combination of  sleek, masculine and wearable, thus it makes the cut.

5.  Raven and I have been on a huge green tea kick this year.  We also don’t buy liquid hand soap, so this would make a perfect stocking stuffer.  The kind you didn’t ask for but then are really, really happy you got, you know?

6.  Whenever Raven buys a six pack of beer, he comes home, takes one beer, and leaves the entire 6 pack and bottle cap on the counter.  It’s not the best system.  I love this wooden tote; the beer has a place to live, and it’s also generally pleasing to look at.

7.  This may have made it on here because I love cheese so much…but also my brother in law  recently got a money clip and  he looks like the biggest baller when he pays for something (he is really awesome, by the way).  Disclaimer: owning a money clip does not make you richer.

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