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Oh, hi there!  I hope you all had a glorious Tgiving.  I know I did.  I did a LOT of sitting and a lot of hanging with my nephews, which was very cute.  I also watched some Harry Potter with my family and I hate to jump the gun but…do I spy the makings of a Thanksgiving tradition?
Anywho, now it’s December, and (for those of us who celebrate), we have less time than usual to prepare for X-mas!  Never fear, for I have prepared amazing gift guides for you all to help get those wheels a turnin’ in your brains.  First up, the little lady or PYT on your list.  If you’re like me, this is just a list of things you want for yourself.
1.  Socks.  I believe the black-hole-in-the-dryer theory because seriously I never ever ever have enough socks.  J Crew’s socks are warm and grown up but still cheeky, and if you wait for a sale (like NOW! 30% with the code HOLIDAY), you can scoop up a bunch at once.
2. I am a big bag girl.  I think it’s partially a New York thing?   I’m constantly carrying work stuff, my planner, my charger, a water bottle, snacks, makeup, enough Tylenol for the entire city of Manhattan…you get the picture.  On my trip to Ireland, I brought a tiny cross body bag and I felt FREE!  I felt so free and wonderful.  This one is nice and itsy and versatile…and can easily be stuffed into a larger bag just in case…
3.  A little personal style resolution I have is to wear more earrings.  I love emeralds this time of year, and these would be a great way to take a simple outfit -think plain white button down and black slacks for work- to sparkle level pretty instantly.
4.  My iPhone case has seen better days.  To be fair, I drop my phone more than I would like to admit, and it’s time to graduate.  I feel like a lot of cases are too bright or cheesy; I like that this case is simple and still fun.
5.  Had to sneak some plaid in here.  You all have got to get yourselves a pair of texting gloves.  They have changed my life!  No longer do my hands freeze to death while sending a text or looking up directions.  Tech gloves are, in a word, convenient.
6.  A Pendleton blanket is absolutely on my list this year.  I use throws on the couch year round- for warmth in the winter and snuggle factor in the summer- so the more, the better.  These are large and colorful, two prerequisites for throws in this household.
7.  I’m a bit worried about Charlie’s reaction if we did get something like this.  But it’s just so precious!
8.  Candles are another requirement in my house.  I have the Linnea’s Lights Pumpkin scented candle and it’s the best smelling pumpkin item I’ve ever experienced in my life.  I’m not a fan of Christmas tree scented candles, so for winter time I like to switch to a wood burning scented candle.  Santa, I won’t mind this under the tree this year!
What’s on your list this year?  What do you think of my recommendations?
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