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Road trips. Airplanes. Mass transit. Rental cars. Yep, you heard right – it’s officially the holiday season. Craig and I live equidistant between Massachusetts (his family) and Pennsylvania (my family), so we’ve got a solid three to four hour trip each time we want some pumpkin pie and mommy hugs.

It’s always the first and most important question of the trip: what should we listen to? So here, I’ve compiled six hours of what I think is a great playlist for the road, and given you a few guidelines for how these songs should be enjoyed. Feel free to follow me on Spotify, put this bad boy on shuffle, and before you know it, your mom will be mixing you a holiday cocktail and stuffing you with turkey.

For your first few miles…

first miles

For a good story…

good story

For getting all sentimental…


For when you want to feel like a badass…


For your pop singalong pleasure…

pop singalong

For the throwback…


For the cheesy songs you don’t want to admit to loving…


For when you are getting punchy…


For sitting back and enjoying the ride…

sit back

What’s on your playlist? What did I miss? What’s a song I NEED to hear?

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