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I know this is cliche, but where in the world did this month go?  Already we’re at the end of November.  We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving next week and then we barely have time to sit down on the couch for another glass of wine and a slice of pie before it’s December!
You’re not going to catch me complaining, though. Oh, no.  This is my favorite time of the year.  And we’ve got some really exciting stuff planned for the coming weeks…so please stick around!

In the meantime, let’s just stay in the now.  Here’s a recap of my week:

I ate this:


For my birthday, Raven got me a cake from Two Little Red Hens Bakery on the UES.  I can explain the inscription.  A couple years ago, I worked with a real wheelin’ dealin’ born and raised New Yorker who was throwing a birthday party for his wife.  When we were going over options for the cake, I asked him if he wanted it to say anything special.  He paused.  “Yeah…Happy Birthday, Baby!” It was the sweetest, cutest moment, and Raven and I laugh about it all the time.  (By the way, this is a marble cake with vanilla icing.  I realize this is a bold and unique choice but I promise if you try it you shall never be the same again).

I’m loving this:

Emma Stone is the cutest, don’t you think? I love her style so much.  So when I saw her wearing this:


I was all, there she goes again!  Keepin it real and killin it at the same time.  Zoom out for a sec…


Right?! The outfit is great on its own, but I love how she changes it up with the cut of the pant leg (forgive me, I have no idea what these are called…I have a pair and I call them my 90’s workout pants) and a pop of red.  Well played, Ms. Stone.

I’m reading this.  Normally I’m not a nonfiction reader.  Okay, I’m never a nonfiction reader, and ever since Twilight came out I’m always getting sucked into reading kids’ books (again, I’m 29).  But after the tour guide on my trip  recommended this, I knew I had to buy it.  So far, so good.

I’m listening to this.  I know it’s not a new song per se, but it’s GREAT, especially if you’re having one of those days.  I learned it on guitar recently and I like to imagine I’m serenading Owen and Elliot, my nephews.  If you want to start Friday off on the right foot, I suggest you give it a listen.

Tell me, what did you do this week?


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