Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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Allie is…
a smartypants: she knows her way around an office, a kitchen, a city, and other countries. If she doesn’t know something, she’ll figure it out, and do it with panache.

a loyal friend: she has walked with me through break ups, break ups, break ups, getting back together, first years in the city, joblessness, figuring out marriage, and growing older.

a generous spirit: she always builds you up, genuinely believes you can do anything, treats others with kindness and respect, feels deeply when others are in pain, offers herself in absolute abundance no questions asked.

so stupidly beautiful: she can change her hair color, cut, makeup, style, and still pull it off with seeming effortlessness. She makes sweatpants looks good, and for this I hate her.

one of my best friends: I love you Al, and hope your day is spent celebrating all of the gifts you give to this world by just being you.


Happy 29,


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