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Raven and I had our first date on August 6th, 2010 at The Half Pint. It was my first real date ever and I remember being so nervous that I actually considered just running away from him in the street and going home. Well, I didn’t run away, and needless to say I’m glad I stuck around because after that first night I was totally smitten.

Dating in New York is fun (with the right person). It’s almot like the city becomes bigger for the two of you, and suddenly there’s somehow more to do and more to explore. Or maybe that’s just love.

Well, explore we did. During our first year of dating, I got about six hours of sleep total (that’s what she said). Raven and I went on a lot of adventures, and though we still go on dates and find time to explore this magical metropolis, we manage to fit in a good night’s sleep while doing so. Here are some of our favorites…

Processed with VSCOcam1. Breakfast. I know this isn’t necessarily novel, but I think eating breakfast with someone you’re dating is one of the most romantic activities in the world. Before we lived together, Raven would wake up with me and before taking me to the train, we would stop and have breakfast. Actual, sit down, big, full belly breakfast. The whole world (or rather, the entirety of Brooklyn) was swirling around us, but for those 45 minutes, we soaked each other in, exchanged coffee breath kisses and sleepy eyed glances, and ate our fill of greasy food. Three+ years later, breakfast is still our date of choice.

2. Exercise. Now Raven and I are not the most active couple in the world, we would definitely like to be better (Courtney and Craig, running double date soon??). Our pattern is no pattern at all. With that being said, sometimes the best way to catch up after a busy week is a long walk or run. Usually Mister Charles tags along, but sometimes it’s just the two of us. I’d say next time you don’t know what to do with your love, brown bag and pocket some beers and walk it out. Or, if you are more active, go get sweaty on a run and then get clean after (winky face). Processed with VSCOcam

3. Jeffrey’s Grocery. ( To give you a sense of how infrequently we make it into the city anymore, Raven and I hadn’t checked out Jeffrey’s Grocery until this summer even though my good friend recommended this place to me a couple years ago! This place is just one of those spots – it’s about the size of my bed, serving mostly seafood. The bartender is attentive despite the fact that he’s busy all night, and if I recall properly, my chilled soup was so good that I had to yell WHAT’S THAT to distract everyone as I discreetly licked my bowl.  Aside from that momentary indiscretion, it was a great date night.

4. Prospect Park Bandshell. ( You all have to go see a show here! There’s nothing sweeter than watching the sunset while listening to some great tunes, all the while snuggled up to your favorite person. Tickets are really reasonably priced and there are lots of great snacks and libations.

Processed with VSCOcam5. Haven’s Kitchen. ( This one snuck onto my list even though we haven’t tried it out yet! Recommended to me by my gorgeous friends Cara and Emily, I got my favorite chef a gift card here for Valentine’s Day. The plan is to have some wine and then go take a cooking class. Or in my case, go watch Raven become an even better cook while I get a little saucy.

What are your favorite date nights?
all photos by allie for LRW
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