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You’re having a normal Wednesday, it’s 2:30pm, you’ve just had your 5 hour energy  midday snack or coffee, you’ve tackled your inbox, and you somehow find yourself on Pinterest, looking at pictures like this:


And wondering how in God’s name you’re going to find a white pantsuit and a pink mohair jacket (okay, that we already know how to find, what up!?!) before tomorrow morning.

How about these pics:



I’m pretty sure I spent a good 30 minutes tracking down MKO’s leather moto jacket in the top picture, and then another 30 coming up with a business pitch to try and persuade family members to invest in the jacket on my behalf.

Can you all relate? This is a slippery, dangerous slope! And you know what’s interesting (or shall I say…pinteresting)? Half of the outfits we pin, we wouldn’t/couldn’t even wear!

The other day I polled you gorgeous people and asked what you feel most confident in. With a few exceptions, almost every single one of you said you feel most confident in a t-shirt and jeans. NOT a studded leather moto, not a pink mohair coat over a white suit, not a gold lace short suit. Just a t-shirt and jeans with your own spin on it.

Alright, so that mohair jacket is marvelous.  It’s classic in fact.  And that motorcycle jacket? Belongs in a museum somewhere.  But they’re both a little unattainable.

So for now- I pin those suckers, and I keep them in my little fashion filing cabinet. And in the meantime, I find a cute little pink angora sweater:


And I pair that beauty with some light colored high waisted jeans


and a white tee…and I’ve got pretty much the same look as the first Pinterest photo, but on a doable, relatable level, with pieces that I can wear here and now and feel comfortable in.

Do you all agree?  Do you ever buy items that you pin, or is Pinterest a sort of dream board for you?

all photos via Pinterest

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