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I’m obsessive. Truly. An all or nothing kind of gal. Which is why I’m always on a relentless quest for balance: (obsessively) searching for that feeling that everything is just enough, without excess or lack. But there are a few things that I can’t help but binge on – and it turns out, they’re not so bad. So while I attempt to keep the rest of my life in Zenned-out moderation, here are the things I’ll happily and healthily go overboard on:

1. Oversized and Infinity Scarves. Being honest now: most of my daily style choices have to do with which scarf I’m in the mood to don. I am so utterly addicted to scarving (not a real word) that I’ve been made fun of for wearing them in the summer when it’s inordinately hot and people are peeling their layers down to the most socially appropriate level of bare they can muster. But I’m still wearing a scarf.

Here are my go-tos:

vinyasa scarf

j crew infinity scarf

Here’s what I’m coveting:

coveting scarf

2. Tea. I am a coffee person. But as previously mentioned, I’m also obsessive. So the combination of a slightly manic personality hyped up on caffeine is not really the most productive version of Court. Thus, the tea craze began. At first, I looked at tea like coffee’s ugly and annoying little sister. What is the POINT? But I began to drink some detox teas, and generally lessened my caffeine-intake and realized I became a much better person. On top of which, drinking a hot cup of tea at the end of the day is like getting a big hug from the universe. Color me converted.

Here are my go-tos:

get clean tea

detox tea

Here’s what I’d love to try next:

pumpkin spice brulee oolong tea

3. Writing every morning. I do a lot of writing for work – for little red’s well, for a theatre collective I executively direct, and for Bari. But there is something about sitting down first thing in the morning, and handwriting a few pages in my journal just for me. All stream of consciousness. Not any fully formed action plan. I usually get to the third page and make some weird revelation that wasn’t even in my consciousness before starting to write: how to execute a difficult conversation, what my definition of success truly is, what I’m actually feeling about being an aunt. And when I miss out on writing that day, I feel it. I can tell something hasn’t been released. Waking up and checking in with all the swirling thoughts in my head is one of my favorite binges of all time.

Here’s where I got the habit.

Here’s my favorite journal:


4. Foam rolling. Um yes. I’m sorry if this makes me a fitness nerd, but this is one of my new favorite binges and ain’t nobody gon’ take me away from my foam roller. This is one of the best things you can do for your body – whether you’re working out or not. Also know as self-myofascial release, putting pressure on your muscles without having to activate any opposing muscles (i.e. foam rolling your hamstring versus touching your toes) helps them recreate their length-tension relationship, and helps to restore any muscle imbalances. Foam rolling every day is highly recommended and you should be doing this (in addition to other stretching) before and after every workout. Back problems, hip problems, lat problems? Foam roll.

Here’s my favorite:

foam roller

5. Alone time in New York City. There is nothing I love more than a long afternoon and nowhere to go. About six years ago when I first lived in New York, I used to go to museums and theatre and movies by myself all the time. Something about being alone in NYC can be magical. Of course, now I would always prefer to be experiencing life with Craig (hence taking a vow that says, “Hey! Let’s spend our lifetime experiencing stuff together!”), but there is something really exciting about going it alone every now and again. I usually tend to window shop, or go to a bookstore, or sit in a quiet coffee shop or museum. Whatever I’m doing, it’s about not needing to consume or participate as much as it’s about being. Alone time can be a meditation, exploration, discovery, or rest. And in New York, there’s no end to its possibilities. More on that tomorrow!

What are your favorite binges? What’s the healthiest thing you can’t do without? Any good tea recommendations? 

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becky nitka
becky nitka
7 years ago

Button down sweaters! I have one in every color.

7 years ago

Thanks Becky! I tend to agree on that one…