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TGIF! Apologies for the lighter nature of my posts this week. (Wasn’t Courtney’s post on Wednesday beautiful? She called me just before Luca arrived last Sunday and we had a quick phone meeting. When we started talking about her impending aunt-dom, I couldn’t even put into words how special she was about to feel. I just began to cry. Congratulations to her and her entire family. Luca is a little lucky man.) I have 3 half finished posts going on, and nary the time to finish them. But here’s a little breakdown of my week:
1. I wore this. The outerwear addiction continues, and this snuggly plaid is just what the doctor ordered.  Faux leather sleeves for a veg on a budget like myself; the bold plaid looks fun with a bright blue pashmina, and works with this bizarre weather we’ve been having.


2. I watched this and this. Every Wednesday, Raven and I sit down and watch Key and Peele followed by American Horror Story.  It makes for the most perfect back to back show situation ever. No spoilers here, but can AHS possibly get better?

3. I read this. And will now feel zero guilt when Raven and I pull an Irish exit (like we always do) at the end of the party. Goodbyes suck!  (PS – love Cup of Jo!)

4. I listened to this. I am so late to the Civil Wars party, but there’s no WAY I’m leaving early (sorry, had to). This album tugs at my heart strings so hard I feel like they’re going to snap. Favorite song is Dust to Dust, which to me has the anatomy of the perfect love song: bittersweet metaphor, vivid imagery, and startling relatability.


5. I did this. GET. OUT! Riley Keough says. No I won’t, you read that correctly. Two concerts in one year, and I was a weird, tiny, androgynous version of him for Halloween? I refuse to apologize. And if you don’t have either or BOTH of his new albums…just please go give these babies a listen: Cabaret, You Got it On, Murder. You are welcome.

Happy weekend, babies.

What do you think about this? What are you reading, watching, wearing, and listening to this November?

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