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Welcome to November, friends!  How was your first weekend of the month?  Ours was special…here’s why.
1. Our Halloween Costumes

We had a blast at our fabulous friends’ house this Friday night.  Raven refused to be Allie’s Jessica Biel so ultimately they went as Justin Timberlake and his Mirror.


Allie wanted to find a loophole to the “girls shouldn’t dress sexy” rule, and this was totally it. Courtney had been up since 4am for work and didn’t have time to go home to change, so she ended up calling this her “deconstructed Charlie Brown” costume.  IMG_2256All in all, a fantastic holiday.

2. Courtney’s dinner at Milkflower

Once again, Astoria FTW! This place is all sorts of YES: pizza joint with a hip, farm-to-table feel, and an association with Brooklyn Grange. I consumed an entire personal pizza laden with brussel sprouts, egg, mozzerella, truffle oil, and a dash of pepper. I was not upset about this. Savory, hearty, and a light peppery kick made this the perfect dinner to end a long day. They also serve brunch, lots of delicious looking starters (meatballs are a must next time), and gelato for dessert. Shout out to my friend Becca (of Becca on Broadway) for the recommendation and the company. Warning: When dining here, do not expect to ever, EVER share your food.

3. This Coat

Elizabeth-and-James-Pink-coat-6I stumbled upon this picture (click for link) yesterday while surfing the web. Practical? Not totally. But this coat speaks my language – a little oversized, bright color, mohair – and likely provides warmth. Would really quite enjoy this on my body.

4. Allie’s haircut at Seagull

I searched for years, and I mean YEARS, for the perfect hair salon. As I mentioned briefly here, I have a couple gray hairs. Okay, maybe more than a couple. Whatever, fine, I’m nearing 30, it’s normal. But I started getting them when I was TWENTY FOUR, so finding someone who could properly color my hair was kind of essential. When I read the reviews of Seagull on Yelp, I knew I had to try. I can honestly say they are better than anywhere I’ve ever tried…by a long shot. And in the world of hair salons – I’m kind of a hair slut. They aren’t cheap, but worth every penny.

5. Courtney’s BROTHER’S BABY!

Craig and I are an Uncle and Auntie for the first time ever! Luca Edward Romano was born to my brother and his wife on November 3rd, weighing in at 7 pounds, 4.5 ounces. We cannot wait to meet this amazing little man, but for now, here he is in all his precious glory:


What was special about your weekend? Any parties? Did you run in or support the Marathon (Cara did and we are so proud of her)?! Let us know what inspired you this weekend!

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