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We’re not sure about other cities, but in NYC it is especially easy to get caught up in the every day, watching the hours and minutes tick by, wishing the days away, just to get to the next party, date, or vacation you have to look forward to.  Sometimes, when you take a step back and realize this, it’s easy to feel a little sad.  However, it’s also a nice reminder to be present, so we thought it would be fun to each share a moment from the past week where we felt especially present.

IMG_1479The older I get, the more awkward I feel in social situations.  I find this funny because the 18 year old Allie would laugh in my face at my shyness (and then flash everyone in the room).  Sometimes, when I’m out at a party or with friends, I’m physically there, but mentally I’m a little withdrawn, maybe feeling out of place, awkward, anxious, etc.  This past Saturday at a bar with friends, I felt completely present.  I had the most wonderful conversation with 2 of my friends who are a couple (who I haven’t spent a lot of time with in a while!) about life, jobs, money…and it was refreshing and fun and I was completely engaged the entire time.  Thank you to my two wonderful friends for that awesome conversation!  Right place, right time, right people.  NYC can be a great place sometimes.


As far as I’m concerned, the best remedy for a restless mind is to make some food – to cook, or bake, or even simply plate something beautiful breaks my creativity out of its cage and with it, my presence. I am in the middle of a long week and I knew that if I didn’t give my home a little love and attention, it would be the first thing to spiral out of control as the week gains momentum. picstitch-1Knowing I could benefit from a little more presence, I asked Craig what he would love for me to bake and he suggested a carrot cake. I was excited for this because I’ve never baked a carrot cake, and the act of baking something new drops me right into the here and now. No drifting mind, no replying to emails in my head, no thinking through my schedule, just one step after the other of butter, and sugar, and cinnamon.




What moment this week made you feel especially alive and present?  We would love to know your thoughts!

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