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Welcome to little red’s well!

What is it about fall that makes everyone just want to start fresh?  I may be 28, but every year at the end of August/start of September, without fail, I’m on the hunt for a new back-to-school wardrobe.

Unfortunately we don’t always have the time, or more importantly the funds, to spring for a new wardrobe every year.

So it got me thinking…

The lovely Court just organized her closet, and I thought it would be fun to go through her clothes and put together a few outfits that she normally wouldn’t wear.

The upside? Totally revamped wardrobe.  Added bonus? $0 budget.  We did this for FREE with 1 hour of time.  All clothes, shoes and accessories belong to Court and all of the outfits we came up with received what we like to call the PSA (partner seal of approval!) from her husband, Craig (who happens to be multi-talented and took the incredible photos you see below).

Outfit 1: Casual

look 1

There is ALWAYS room for denim on denim, and luckily you can find an inexpensive chambray button down just about anywhere.  We styled up this simple outfit, perfect for running errands, with one of Courtney’s silk scarves repurposed as a belt.  My one recommendation to take this outfit from late summer to full on fall appropriate is a pair of simple black flats.  We realized while styling this shoot that Court doesn’t own any ballet flats! Here are a couple of cheap pairs she could spring for: ASOS LAILA Ballet Flat $18.56 , London Rebel Studded Ballet Flat $21.10

look 1

Outfit 2: Day to Night Out

look 2

Every New Yorker knows it’s a pain to run home and change for a night out after work.  Here we took that same chambray shirt from the first look and put it under a summery dress with black tights and casual boots.  With this outfit Courtney can go from an audition, to work, and out with friends without having to bring extra clothes.

look 2

Outfit 3: Date Night

look 3

Most likely our significant others don’t really mind seeing that same LBD every date night (or in my case, same flannel button down and black skinny jeans, but I digress), but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up.  Pairing a boxy shift dress with jeggings and fun heels is unexpected and playful, and the brooch adds the right amount of accessory.  No muss, no fuss, this outfit is perfect for dinner and drinks.

look 3

Outfit 4: Formal

look 4

Speaking of that Little Black Dress, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!  The key is finding a piece that fits you properly, and knowing how to style it.  Not that anything looks bad on Court, but she looks like a knock out in this dress, so my work was basically done.  Normally she said she would pair this with black pumps, but we chose a nude peep toe that elongates her leg.  One great bracelet to accessorize, and that’s it!  It stands on its own.  With the chilly weather, she’ll probably need something to keep her warm.  I myself am not a fan of wearing pashminas instead of outerwear to formal events.  Friends, that is not going to do anything to keep you warm!  My go to is a Burberry jean jacket, but with Courtney’s outfit, here are a couple fun/transitional options for her: River Island Draped Shearling Jacket $118.13 , ASOS Blazer in Crochet Lace $92.82

look 4

© Craig Hanson Photography |

What pieces in your own closet could use a fresh outlook? What are some of your favorite ways to change up your look? Let us know!

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Ash Walls
7 years ago

great work ladies! I’ll take fashion advice from you any day, season or decade. xox loves it.

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