get the look: kendall jenner

As I've mentioned before, my style sensibility and inspiration typically comes from outside myself. For as long as I've had eyes, I've been hyper observant. Not that I don't like to put my own spin on things by using my noggin, but I'm definitely a visual learner in every sense of the word. 29C266CD00000578-3130798-image-m-47_1434677396417

This outfit spoke to me the other day. Sure, Kendall Jenner looks great in everything, but it takes the right hardware to make jeans and a t-shirt look sexy. And I don't mean her body, I mean the quality of the clothes on her back. The outfit is simple, but finding the right fit for your body is like finding the right key for a lock - once you find it, you're in.

Luckily, a deep V-neck works great for most folks. If you have tiny boobs, it shows off your décolletage, if you have big boobs, self explanatory. Wearing a great tee the right way is about showing off the right assets, and leaving the others behind. For me, I'm self conscious about my tummy, so I make sure it's nice and long and loose at the bottom and has a fun scoop neck or v-neck on top. If you're good with your stomach, wear a cropped tee or tuck it in like Kendall is doing here. You feel me?



// tee // jeans // belt // boots // aviators // bag //


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images via Daily Mail.