weds-day, part 9: beauty

Happy Hump Day! We've been engaged for about two months now, and we've gotten SO much done. Most people I share this with tend to tease me a bit, but truly, having an incredible planner and being a former planner myself (who still works weddings all the time!) has made this planning process an absolute ball for me.

Having the big ticket items out of the way leaves plenty of brain space for me to consider tiny details: favors, welcome bags, linen colors, and beauty.

I've booked Jennie Fresa for my wedding day makeup, and though I'd be happy to tell her to go crazy and apply whatever makeup she wants that day, I am starting to envision a specific look.









Dewy visage, bold cat eye, shimmery, earthy eyeshadow, wintery cheeks and minimal lips.

I'm also considering eyelash extensions and dyeing my eyebrows! Thoughts?!?

I'm not preoccupied that I won't look like myself; I find that to be a bizarre worry. Instead, I'm thinking of the day as an opportunity to experiment and have fun with different looks. After all, you only get to do this once!

I have my makeup trial in about 6 weeks (not that I'm counting or anything!) and I'm dying to see what the makeup artist comes up with!