style philosophy: life is about the add-ons

I could live out the rest of my days in a uniform of nothing but a great pair of jeans and a quality tee shirt.  If I had to sum up my style philosophy, it would be to start with a great base and add on from there.

My eye always goes to add ons.  I love the make your own salad spots and self serve frozen yogurt shops that are seemingly ubiquitous in NYC.  My bed is a veritable palace of pillows, when in reality, Raven and I only sleep with one respective pillow each.  When it comes to my choices in fashion, I am no different.  Whether browsing online or shopping in store, I almost always head straight for the add ons.  Blazers, cardigans, shoes, scarves, belts, get the idea.  It doesn’t matter if my shopping list is one line item only- I will inevitably drift to the add ons.

And why not?  One could conceivably wear the exact same base 3 nights in a row, and with a little imagination and the right add ons, have a completely different look every time.  Here, I’ll show you below...these are almost identical versions of my outfits for Thursday, Friday and Saturday last weekend (which included 2 birthdays and a fantastic day trip).

red’s tip: my absolute favorite tees are by Alexander Wang.  Classic and flattering on anyone, they make for a great base.  They aren’t cheap but they definitely last.

the basebest friend's bday

apple picking
fancy bday dinner
What's your style philosophy? Do you have any pieces of which you can't seem to get enough?  Tell us, please!