photo by Julia Elizabeth.

photo by Julia Elizabeth.


I have always been fascinated by the way people present themselves. As a little girl, I could be found in the waiting room of my father's office, asking all the women about their make-up, jewelry, and purses. I spent summers at our family beach house carefully going through Vogue, Glamour, and Marie Claire, smelling each perfume sample. My college essay was about how being a girly girl and caring about your appearance doesn't mean you're not smart (spoiler alert: I got into school). 

Before I started styling others, I styled myself. In 2011 I was working as an event planner and I felt creatively wiped. Fresh off an inspiring trip to Barcelona, I made a pledge with myself: dress better. A simple challenge that completely changed my state of mind. Suddenly I was looking forward to getting dressed in the morning; suddenly, I had some agency over my life that felt consumed by my job.

In 2013 I created Little Red's Well, a style blog. Soon there after I began working with clients who wanted help organizing their closets, an activity I affectionately call a closet makeover. Within 6 months, I was styling engagement shoots and assisting photographers at weddings. 

Today I work with clients on their weddings, engagement shoots, closet makeovers, shopping, and more. Truly, there is nothing that revs my engine quite like fashion. It took me years to find this wonderful career, and I feel completely at home.

A bit about me :: 

I'm a Scorpio, so, if you believe in that stuff (and I mostly do), you know I'm super loyal.

I like to think of my clients as friends.

I'm a leftie.

In November of 2015 I married my husband Raven. It was the coolest (so is he).

My favorite food is grilled cheese.

My uniform is as follows :: black jeans, boots, great outerwear.

Raven and I adopted a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel in 2011. We are those people.

I don't eat meat and I'm a cruelty-free beauty lover.

I believe the time we spend getting ready in the morning is the easiest way to inject some creativity into our lives.